HARARE, where an Ebola outbreak killed more than 4,000 people in 2008, remains on high alert this month following 14 reported cases of cholera in the country since late February.

The wildlife authorities of Zimbabwe, one of the major concentration of African elephants, says the country has an excess of over 30,000 elephants that are available for both export and internal re

Britain has given Zimbabwe $72 million to help increase food production by rural farmers over the next four years, as the southern African country faces the prospect of poorer harvests this year du

Two more people have been quarantined at Beitbridge District Hospital after they were diagnosed with cholera last Thursday.

The huge demand for used imported vehicles and poor restrictions are causing traffic congestion and worsening air quality in most cities in Africa, environmental experts say.

Eight cholera cases have been reported in Beitbridge, Mudzi and Chiredzi, while another case is being investigated in Chirundu.

GWERU City Council is discharging partially treated effluent into the environment owing to the repeated breakdown of the two sewage treatment plants, a senior official has revealed.

The two animals were discovered at a waterhole near Chipinge, 400 kilometres from Harare, news agency Sapa reported.

With rhino populations dwindling due to illegal hunting for their horns, poachers have now begun targeting vulnerable baby rhinos instead.

AS climate-linked extreme events escalate, Zimbabwean lawmakers have started pushing Government to speedily implement policies that strengthen the national disaster response.