The people of Zimbabwe have to cope with a difficult political situation, but they also face many other problems daily. Climate change is making entire areas of land infertile and may halve crop yields by 2020. Zimbabwe

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Surat: In a major setback to Surat

Urban farming has for years served as a vital input in the livelihood strategies of urban households in Zimbabwe.

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Harare shoppers in an almost empty supermaket. Opening up the international market for Zimbabwe's controversial diamonds could pull the country out of financial crisis.

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Surat: While diamonds from controversial mines of Zimbabwe continue to be imported into the country via Dubai and other centres, diamantaires are facing a real worry about the United States (US) — world’s biggest diamond consuming market — banning import of non-approved diamonds.

Canadian city of Vancouver has been named as the world's most livable city, while Delhi and Mumbai are being placed at 113th and 117th position, respectively, in an annual survey of livability that assesses living conditions in 140 global cities.

The African elephant's misfortune has been its teeth, in particular the well developed pair of upper incisors known as tusks for which it is being killed in large numbers. The visible ivory part of the tusks is made up of dentine with an outer layer of enamel, and when viewed in cross section it reveals criss-cross lines that form a series of diamond shapes. This is what gives the elephant ivory its distinctive lustre, and makes it so valuable economically.

This paper discusses the land struggles of the urban poor in Zimbabwe and the emerging strategies used by the alliance of the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation and its partner Dialogue on Shelter to address these struggles in the face of continued economic and political crisis.

Zimbabwe's once promising coffee industry faces total collapse due to upheavals linked to President Robert Mugabe's controversial land redistribution policy, a farmers union said on Wednesday.

The coffee industry was growing steadily until 2000, when Mugabe embarked on a drive to resettle landless but inexperienced black farmers on white-owned commercial farms.

Poachers in Africa and Asia are killing an ever increasing number of rhinos