The killing of tigers and of forest guards in Ranthambore is the result of a conservation strategy that took away the rights of the local people and made them willing allies of poachers.

The government's employment generation schemes, laudable though they may be, have yet to achieve their goals. Not involving intended beneficiaries is cited as a major reason for their failure.

Kishorilal not his real name , is 39 and has been a forest guard at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve for 17 years. He spoke to Down To Earth on his experiences:

The panchayats of Sonrai in Uttar Pradesh and Palana in Rajasthan share a Jawahar Rozgar Yojana experience. Both ignored the water needs of the villagers and spent the money instead on projects that are not even being maintained properly.

The third tiger census in three years in Ranthambore may pronounce a verdict on the country's conservation strategy that could send a few heads rolling.

Tiger skins and tiger bones are extremely profitable for everyone involved in poaching, whether through killing or selling.

Though Vedic maths evokes Hindutva connotations, the fact is that it's a system of simple arithmetic, which can be used for intricate calculations.

Extant texts of the Vedas do not contain mathematical formulae, but they have been found in later associated works.

Vedic formulae enable quick calculations, but only if the methods used are understood well.

Forget the hassles of proving to what the square of a hypotenuse is equal. A Vedic formula offers a simple solution.