Cutting energy related emissions the right way

Based on research by CE Delft, this report assesses the five decarbonisation scenarios presented in the European Commission’s Energy Roadmap 2050. It shows that the Energy Roadmap only considers a relatively narrow range of decarbonisation options, all with roughly similar levels of renewable energy by 2030, and a significant residual fossil fuel liability through to 2050. WWF’s report also demonstrates that the European Union could reap greater rewards from more ambitious options, such as 95% emissions reductions combining high renewable energy generation and high energy savings. The report identifies four key lessons for achieving greater energy related emissions reductions, and thereby lowering the threat of climate change: Energy savings are the key enabler for decarbonising the energy system; Now is the window of opportunity for increasing renewable generation; New electricity infrastructure can be ‘no-regrets’, but case is less clear for gas; and Aiming for 95% decarbonisation from the start is a game-changer.