Khonoma is a village in Nagaland and home to the proud Angami tribe. The region was once rich in biodiversity and wildlife but had been stripped clear of most of its wildlife by 1993. However the trajectory of conservation efforts in Khonoma in the last decade has been awe inspiring.

A German settlement homes in on energy efficiency Sixteen years ago when France withdrew its troops from Vauban, a small German territory close to the border, Germany

ongc's seismic surveys in an oilfield in Assam have caused damage to an 18th century amphitheatre, say Sibsagar township residents who plan large-scale protests against the oil giant. An

Even before the caves in Meghalaya can reveal clues to climate change, rampant mining is destroying their wealth. AMARJYOTI BORAH goes deep into the issue Meghalaya carries a bewitching world

Bolu Nayak doesn't have to buy food for his family anymore. Wild elephants have stopped destroying this poor farmer's land in Lungsung village in Assam's Nagaon district. Crop in his 2.2 hectares are safe, thanks to conservationist Shimanta Kumar Goswami and the

Not in the mood for the standard hot cuppa? How about a cooling, fruity tea drink or a tea toffee? With a diverse range of edible products based on tea extracts set to hit Indian markets, you might

In 1994, the Nagaland government asked the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ongc) to shut shop in the state. Pressure from local people and militant groups had a big role in the decision. The

A subsidiary of the central ministry of coal in Assam is steadily refusing to compensate for crop damages wrought by its open-cast mining. This is after the Gauhati High Court told the company to pay

indian bamboo is in high demand in countries like Kenya and Ethiopia. Kenya has asked for 50 kg of bamboo seeds from India, which is likely to go up in future. The species

A proposed seismic survey for oil on the Brahmaputra river has Assam's citizens worried. A third of the population is dependent on the river for their livelihood