The Supreme Court of India has in its judgement of 27 February 2012 on the interlinking of rivers project, given categorical directions to the Executive Government to implement the 'project' as a whole in a time bound manner and has also asked the Centre to appoint a Special Committee to work out the modalities and oversee the implementation of the project.

This study attempts to develop a case study of the Western Yamuna Canal Command in Haryana with the purpose of developing a general picture of the institutional environment and arrangements related to water resource development and use in the State of Haryana.

This article is an interim outcome of an action research project being done on Water Governance under which an analysis of the sub-basin is being done to understand the dynamics of water allocation and regulation in practice. It studies inter-sectoral water allocation, planning and management in the last decade in the small sub-basin (Waghadi) in Painganga basin of Godavari River in Maharashtra.

Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development (SPWD) has been working in the Rayalseema reion of Andhra Pradesh since the mid 1990s on restoration of Panchayati Raj tanks. Around 40 tanks have been restored in the region by SPWD in collaboration with local Non Government Organizations (NGOs), through formation of representative community-based Tank Management Committees (TMCs).