After agreeing to acquire its hydropower assets, Sajjan Jindal is again bailing out cash-strapped Jaypee Group.

In view of awareness toward nature-friendly management of plant diseases, the need of integration and use of indigenous knowledge (IK) with modern biological control measures has been emphasized. In view of new insights being generated it is accentuated to reassess the system of sustainable plant disease management. One farmer-inspired indigenous practice of using raw cow milk as seed treatment has been experimentally validated integrating with Trichoderma spp. (the farmer-friendly fungus and biocontrol agent) at farmers' fields and at C. R.

Some of the Arabian Gulf states are busy developing several large, reclaimed islands and offshore townships. These structures are undoubtedly futuristic and the ideas are quite novel. However, there are serious issues of long-term sustainability of these townships.

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Traditional farming practices have been developed by agrarian societies in particular ecological setting. Sustainability in these systems has been derived after a long tenure through trial and error with crops and practices. Most of the practices of traditional farmers for disease management in developing countries consist of cultural control. Some of the traditional practices of practical importance adopted by the farmers of semiarid and arid Rajasthan which include districts of Barmer, Jodhpur, Pali and Jaipur are discussed in this paper. Dec 2007

The post GATT liberalisation era has come to India not only with its enchanting platter of economic efficiency, technological treasure trough and fairy tale promises of 'globalisation' but it has also raised some significant questions regarding its viab