Ahmedabad : Institutions across Gujarat are now plugging into the biggest source of free energy , the sun.

A leading orthopaedic surgeon in city has launched one of country's largest biogas plant in Sundarpura, Anand — a mean waste guzzler that will digest 64 tonnes of domestic and farmland waste to pro

6.5 L of 9.19 L Saplings Planted During Swarnim Gujarat Have Died

Ahmedabad:This is one green record nobody in the government wants to remember. Over 9.19 lakh tree saplings were planted across Ahmedabad on July 31, 2010 as part of Swarnim Gujarat celebrations. Chief Minister Narendra Modi had joined 25,000-odd volunteers to contribute to the green movement. Claims for the green glory were also made to the Guinness Book of World Records. Two years later, more than 6.5 lakh saplings have withered away. In some zones, the ground looks dry, flat and hardly betrays a sign that trees were ever planted there.

Has Wi-Fi, AC Classrooms & Insurance For All
Ahmedabad: Think of an Indian village and what comes to mind are images of mooing cows, open drains and kids playing ants and frog games.

Ahmedabad: Tribal districts, which were the torch-bearers for the girl child in Gujarat, boasting of a far healthier number of girls in 0-6 age group, too have shown a decline in the past decade. Sociologists see this trend as alarming as almost all non-tribal districts in Gujarat are already reeling under a skewed sex ratio.
All the tribal districts including Dang, Dahod, Panchmahals, Tapi, Valsad, Narmada and Bharuch, have posted a decline in the child sex ratio in 0-6 age group as per figures of Census 2011.

Ahmedabad: Two cities of Gujarat, both industrial hubs, top the list of cities with lowest sex ratio in India.