In 1995, many in India were outraged to learn that a university in the US was granted a patent to make and sell haldi turmeric for its wound healing properties. Patents are usually given to creations that are deemed useful and involve an inventive st

Plan chalked out to keep marine aliens at bay, but implementation unlikely soon

A closer knit South Asian community is not beyond the realms of possibility now. At the 12th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation summit in Islamabad from January 4 6, leaders of the region took some of the boldest steps ever since the groupin

But the South feels cheated

It has been nine months since the US began its search for chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Although nothing was found, yet the US paranoia over bioterrorism attacks has not waned. In fact, two new regulations to prevent such a

From being a net exporter of timber, India has turned into its net importer. The reversal stems from the country s soaring demand for industrial roundwood. This was highlighted at the 35th session of the International Tropical Timber Council ITTC 35 in

No forward movement in trade talks, post Cancun

The earth is hotter than it has been in the past 2000 years and the largest ice shelf in the Artic has broken into two after having existed for 3000 years. But all that Russia does is procrastinate over endorsing the Kyoto Protocol

WTO pact inked on cheap drugs for poor countries

Indian exporters of chilli products are smarting. The EU has all but shut the door on them after recently detecting the presence of Sudan red 1, a carcinogenic industrial dye, in one of their consignments to France. And the Spices Board of India has crack