Because it sends its garbage to pollute a nearby village SINCE 1983, all the municipal garbage from the city of Pune in Maharashtra has travelled 12 km to be dumped in the village of Urali-Devachi. More than 1,000 tonnes each day. Spread across 43 hectares, the dump pollutes the area. Leachates contaminate the ground

Haryana farmers give up water-guzzling paddy haryana has managed to dissuade its farmers from sowing summer paddy saathi this year to prevent water shortage.

Implementation the weak area in India

the Department of Drinking Water Supply (ddws) on July 20 invited private standalone water purifying companies to showcase latest technologies and equipment. The government wants to install 30,000 water purifying systems in rural schools to provide children with safe drinking water. About 84,000 schools in rural India do not have access to water that is safe to drink. The water purifier

Glaring gaps in Gangotri glacial melt study Science seems to have been the casualty in the study on glacial retreat in Gangotri, source of the Ganga. The Uttarakhand government had commissioned a study to an expert committee in 2006. The committee came out with a report in December 2007, which scientists said was dated and