K. Srinath Reddy and Ambuj Roy discuss the Research Article by Patricia McGettigan and David Henry about the continued use of NSAIDs associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including the mechanisms of increased risk, probable reasons for ongoing use, and next steps.

A comprehensive strategy for the prevention and control of NCDs must integrate public health actions to minimize risk factor exposure at the level of the population and reduce risk at the level of individuals at high risk.

India's rapid economic growth, after the initiation of market-oriented reforms two decades ago, has been the subject of considerable international attention. However, this accelerated economic growth has not been matched by marked improvements in many of the key indicators of health.

On 31 May 2005 (World No Tobacco Day), the Health Minister of India informed the media that the Ministry of Health would ban depiction of any form of tobacco use in films and teleserials with effect from 1 August 2005. Predictably, this announcement triggered a storm of protests from the film industry and sections of the media. (Editorial)