The Source of Life for Sale

Pedal Soldier of india

gender relations in forest societies in asia: patriarchy at odds

Till very recently, it was taken for granted in India that film festivals were avenues, which encouraged critical voices. Selection committees were appointed on merit and not because of their malleability to the official line. Not anymore, if developments

What do people do when their livelihoods are threatened? How do they deal with a world that pushes them to the margins? Such issues were raised by nine documentaries at Jeevika 2003

Throughout the 1860s a frail young European woman with a medicine chest was a conspicuous presence at the women s ghats of the river Yamuna in Delhi. This was Priscilla Winter, an Anglican missionary who...

in 1995, a slightly nervous student at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi asked his teacher the bare essentials of doing well in academics. The slightly

After he was done with the phonograph and the electric bulb, the American scientist Thomas Alva Edison focused his attention on a living doll with perfectly feminine features. For years the prolific inventor remained obsessed with the bizarre thought of l

Rivers are wellsprings of life. They give birth to civilisations, sustain livelihoods and sometimes even trigger wars. Rivers inspire awe and creativity. But in modern times, they are taken for granted: their flow checked by large dams, their waters sulli

An Elglish translation has been made exactly 300 years after the Hortus Malabricus was written, new, sinister designs seem to lurking behind it biopiracy