The Supreme Court has restrained West Bengal from taking steps to administer “any kind of contraceptives” or methods of sterilisation to curb the rising elephant population in the state.

Menace continues despite apex court norms

The Supreme Court on Wednesday gave the go ahead for felling of 697 trees in over four hectares of protected forests in the Taj Trapezium zone for better connectivity across Agra, Gwalior and Mumba

Spelling trouble for the Rs.

Cherupuzha River has claimed the lives of innocents, including children. But the river itself is a victim of indiscriminate sand mining.

Years of illegal sand mining has led to the formation of deep underwater pits on the river bed, covered flimsily by underwater rocks, giving a false sense of security and underwater foothold.

Rs. 44.19-crore project to build check-dams has been shelved

A Rs. 44.19-crore proposal by the Minor Irrigation department to construct check-dams in the district to preserve the water table has been shelved with the State government refusing to spare funds.

Spots like Swapna Nagiri, which is often used as a popular fair ground and a public event venue, can be seen with piles of decomposed garbage dredged out from the bottom of the canal

A Rs. 2.41-crore Water Resources Department project to clean up the Canoly Canal is turning out to be more a bane than a boon with mounds of silt piled up along the water body’s sidewalls, posing a health hazard to the public.

Biogas plants to be installed in 3,825 schools

The State government has allotted Rs. 8 crore to install portable biogas plants in schools to ensure cheap fuel for preparation of mid-day meals and food self-sufficiency. The project would give students an opportunity to access organically-grown vegetables for their noon meal.

People of Chakkittapara say they have lived as one with nature, seek people’s report

“If they touch us, it will be another Jallianwala Bagh here,” Chakkittapara grama panchayat president K. Sunil shouts over the anxious din of a grama sabha held at Muthukad Lower Primary School on the slopes of the Western Ghats on Wednesday.

Madhav Gadgil, chairman of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP), has said that his report is far from “dead” and the unrest in the State is an aftermath of the “sabotage of democracy” cau