Moved by a compelling picture drawn by three toddlers about children’s everyday struggle to survive Delhi’s poisonous air, the Supreme Court on Thursday stepped in to help them.

Claiming before the Supreme Court that the right to access water is a human rights issue, the Telangana government on Wednesday sought fresh allocation of the disputed waters of the Krishna river.

The Road Safety Committee formed by the Supreme Court to check lax enforcement of road laws has set the States a June 30 deadline to enforce 13 of its directives.

Manali’s tourist taxi operators invoked ‘Black Carbon Theory,’ global warming and the Indian middle class idea of an annual holiday at the picturesque Himalayan hill station to successfully get the

Moves Supreme Court against study

The verdict will act as a stepping stone for rebuilding ordinary lives and insuring assets

Noting that development has been frozen for nearly two years in Uttarakhand after the 2013 floods, the Centre on Tuesday said that six hydroelectric projects (HEPs), including that of PSUs, cleared

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the NDA government if there was any chance of cleaning up the Ganga river during its current term in power.

The Government left it to the Supreme Court to do what it thought best about the 218 illegal coal block allocations, including 40 operational blocks, and said it was “not insisting on any particula

Asks govt. to explain how the project will be executed