The Hon’ble Supreme Court on 15.7.2019 directed the Amicus to file a reply on the IAs No 150789, 150783, 150785 and 150786/2018 (applications for impleadment, clarification/ modification of orders and to argue in person on behalf of Baljinder Singh).

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has accepted the recommendations of its committee that has proposed a suitable regulatory framework to promote shared mobility, liberalise existing taxi permit systems and encourage new forms of urban mobility to create reliable alternatives to car ownership. These guidelines provide the common framework for detailed regulations for taxi operations in cities and states. 

Manali’s tourist taxi operators invoked ‘Black Carbon Theory,’ global warming and the Indian middle class idea of an annual holiday at the picturesque Himalayan hill station to successfully get the

Mobile health and wellness clinic mobD is trying up with She Taxi, which is claimed to be the country’s first technology-enabled, women-only taxi.

Recent advances in information technologies have increased our participation in “sharing economies,” where applications that allow networked, real-time data exchange facilitate the sharing of living spaces, equipment, or vehicles with others. However, the impact of large-scale sharing on sustainability is not clear, and a framework to assess its benefits quantitatively is missing. For this purpose, we propose the method of shareability networks, which translates spatio-temporal sharing problems into a graph-theoretic framework that provides efficient solutions.

New Delhi: Buying big cars across states would be cheaper soon as the Centre is likely to decide uniform “lifetime” road tax for cars, taxis and two wheelers.

Colombo: Private Transport Minister of Sri Lanka C.B.

MUMBAI: After autorickshaw drivers, cabbies are now demanding a fare hike after an increase in compressed natural gas (CNG) prices last week.

CNG prices have increased from Rs 31.47 to 33.10 per kilogram.

The Delhi government is considering giving residents another option of public transport — motorcabs.