Hyderabad: The deteriorating quality of air due to rising pollution is a major cause for respiratory illness and cardiovascular diseases, said experts on World Environment Day which will be observe

Hyderabad: Over the past few months, the dust levels in the city have gone up two times above the normal limit, it has been revealed.

The Botanical Garden lake’s bund was damaged, the sluice and the weir dismantled and removed as two earthmovers of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation dug into the lake and completely fille

Hyderabad: City entomologists have expressed concern over the dwindling number of butterflies in the state.

Considered as the indicators of a healthy eco-system, the number of butterfly species have come down gradually from 116, as recorded last in October 2012, to just 35 this year.

The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) has identified and categorised as “red” 195 factories and small-scale industries (SSIs) across the state, for not complying with the Board’s norms in terms of the level of pollution caused by them.

Notices for closure have been sent to all of them. A majority of these industries comprise drug manufacturers, plastic firms, sugar factories etc. that have a huge disposal of byproducts.

Dandiya nights are back and so are increased noise pollution levels thanks to the loudspeakers dotting the city blaring away.

According to the latest data recorded by the AP Pollution Control Board, the decibel levels have become considerably higher than the permissible limits set by the PCB.

Hyderabad: With the city’s Ganesh associations targeting one lakh pandals this year, Hyderabad’s lakes are in grave danger.

It is estimated that the city has lost one-third of its green cover owing to encroachments, road widening and diverting forest lands for commercial purposes.