Even amid the raging controversy over the safety of Mullaperiyar dam, preparatory work for carrying out an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for building a new dam is progressing.

Agricultural universities across the country are trying to study the impact of radiation from mobile phone towers on honeybees.

Allocation for development of wildlife habitats cut by half

Some of the valuable freshwater flowering plants, endemic to the Western Ghats, may soon wilt away if conservation measures are not introduced, say experts.

The risk faced by the freshwater plants of high biodiversity and economic value was highlighted in a recent conservation status assessment carried out by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Zoo Outreach Organisation (ZOO), Coimbatore.

Unsustainable harvesting and pollution of waterbodies may force some freshwater molluscs in the Western Ghats region into extinction or throw up increased risks for their survival in the near futur

Photo-affixed document to check illegal sale of the animals
Captive elephants of Kerala will soon flaunt photo-affixed registration certificate (RC) books.

Efforts to rejuvenate the avian population of central Kerala by providing artificial nests, feed, and improving bird habitats

Conservationists are trying all the tricks up their sleeves to rejuvenate the avian population of central Kerala by providing artificial nests, feed, and improving the bird habitats.

Artificial hideouts for barn owls, pigeon holes atop tall buildings, protection of de

Vazhachal forest falls in red zone, Colours assigned on the basis of biodiversity value
Each area assessed for eight ecological parameters
KOCHI: The Vazhachal forest of Kerala, along with other high-value biodiversity areas in the Western Ghats, will be categorised as red-zone areas by the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel.

The panel has finalised red, yellow, blue, and green colour codes

The proposed Western Ghats Natural Heritage Conservation Authority (WGNHCA) will likely strengthen the management of the serial sites nominated for the Unesco's World Heritage List.

The country has been campaigning for the status for 39 sites of the Ghats and the Paris session of the World Heritage Committee that began on Sunday will decide on the list.

Earlier, the International Union for C

India to seek inclusion of 39 sites of the Ghats in Unesco World Heritage List

IUCN team inspected the sites as part of evaluation process

KOCHI: The World Heritage List tag will not affect the flow of life in the Western Ghats, say experts.

As the country is all set to vie for the prestigious nomination of the Unesco, apprehensions were raised that the status would affect the life of peo