But co claims it gave up equity in state-owned holding firm for hydel projects on its own

Arunachal Pradesh, the epicentre of hydel power in India, has decided to reverse its contentious decision in 2009 to give 49% equity in its hydro-power corporation to the Naveen Jindal Group. The decision, taken last month, came after a backlash from government departments and other companies having hydel projects in the state against the joint venture, which was a departure from precedent as it effectively gave the Naveen Jindal Group a stake in every upcoming hydel project in Arunachal.

Infra ministers, govt bodies join the chorus as murmurs about corruption resurface

When Jairam Ramesh was replaced as environment minister some 18 months ago, loud sighs of relief from industry greeted the news. Ramesh, in the short period at the helm of the ministry, had acquired a reputation for inflexibility, and many started blaming him for stalled projects and declining investments, some even holding his ‘activist’ zeal responsible for the ensuing economic slowdown.

Expansion of existing blocks was held up for environmental clearance, new blocks were either unexplored or partially explored

Auditor’s calculations of . 1,85,591-crore loss to the govt could be on the conservative side

The increase in corruption in coal is closely linked to the increasing importance of this mineral in the economy and of the industry in political funding.

Although current rules prohibit private players from acquiring mines to extract and sell coal in the open market, they have been using an innovative arrangement with state mining corporations to do

The assertion by a section of industry that the coal shortage is due to the ministry of environment delaying mining clearances is not borne out by data

It is projected that India will need to grow its agricultural output 12% to feed its people in 2020. Much of this has to come by growing more on the same amount of land.

Rain-dependent areas, which account for 60% of India

IN JUNE this year, responding to the public outcry over the weak judgements handed out by a Bhopal sessions court, the Indian government had unveiled a new relief package for the survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy.