The us government has once again missed its deadline to add the polar bear to the list of endangered species. The us Fish and Wildlife Service was due to take a decision in this regard by

dow Corning Corporation, the us- based silicon-manufacturing major, has announced it will use the plasma-based gasification process to recycle hazardous chemical waste. This will be the first

once considered a sign of poor neighborhoods, clotheslines are back in vogue in the us. In India, however, resident associations in Gurgaon, Haryana, are discouraging use of clotheslines. Despite

new York City is set to go green. Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced his ambitious "planyc-2030' for a "greener and greater' New York. The following are the highpoints of the plan

in one of the most significant of environment cases, on April 2, 2007, the us Supreme Court ruled that the country's environment agency had the authority and responsibility to regulate carbon

The us Congress is finally taking climate change seriously, with the Democrats, who are in control, reversing the existing policy of denial. The change has galvanised environmental groups. Business

on february 13, 2007, Dow Chemical Co was fined us $325,000 by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (sec) on bribery charges against one of its Indian subsidiaries, De-Nocil. Dow

a case on global warming, a first in the history of the us Supreme Court, was recently taken up for oral arguments. This, despite inaction by the government and a highly polarised court. The

the us Senate is on the verge of passing a bill, which would not only allow oil and natural gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but also jeopardise a 25-year moratorium on oil drilling along the us

US wetlands still undefined