Umri is the second village to be relocated allowing more space for wild animals

Almost five years after the first re-location of a village, inhabitants of another settlement inside the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan's Alwar district have moved out lock, stock and barrel, allowing more space for the wild animals and the existing population of tigers. The residents of Umri, village of Gujjar settlers, left last week for Rundh Mozpur, some 40 km away.

This time it is not merely crying wolf! The Indian Gray Wolf, inhabiting scrub lands and the ravines along the banks of the Central Indian rivers, needs protection.

An initiative to save the State's community land

Rajasthan has pioneered an initiative to save its community land by preparing a draft policy. The State is the first to bring out a “Common Land Policy” on the lines of the National Policy for Common Property Resource Lands (Common Lands), 2002.

This is your empowerment, Gehlot tells women

If the one-time dacoit-ravaged, poacher-infested Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh gives a complex to Rajasthan wildlife authorities and conservationists alike, that is all because of female fecundity.