Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's demand for offbeat solutions to curb air pollution in the capital has not impressed the green court.

India's top pollution monitoring body, the Central Pollution Control Board, has said in a report that Delhi has the most polluted air among 16 cities in the National Capital Region.

99.5% of Indians breathe air with pollutants way above safety levels

The environment ministry has made it easier to get green clearance for building construction, area development and township projects.

The ministry of environment, forests and climate change has put tax breaks and fiscal concessions for instruments that measure and help abate pollution at the top of its wish list for the upcoming

India's ambitious plans to more than double coal output to increase power generation will not face the heat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's commitment to tackle climate change.

Both countries plan to work together to support India's climate and energy goals by focusing on air quality & increasing share of renewables.

Mandatory domestic manufacturing component for clean energy high on agenda

The sharp fall in oil prices has boosted sales of fuel-guzzling SUVs and in some cases eased pressure to improve public transport, but some climate experts also see a positive side as cheap crude h

BRAINSTORMING ON PACT PM Narendra Modi's January 19 meeting will be the first formal gathering of the council since its reconstitution in November '14