This IWMI report assesses water depletion from consumptive water use of agricultural production in Moga district, Punjab. It focuses on the growth in agricultural production & stress on water resources induced by groundwater irrigation.

Rainfall variability is a key constraint to agricultural production and economic growth in many developing countries. This is likely to be exacerbated in many places as rainfall variability is amplified (even where the total amount of rain increases) as a result of climate change.

There is ample evidence to suggest that Sri Lanka

This study examines the global patterns and impacts of droughts through the mapping of several drought-related characteristics

This paper reviews the estimation methods developed and used in India for low-flow, long-term mean flow and flood characteristics. The review is intended to provide a quick reference guide for such methods used for hydrological prediction in ungauged basins. As such it lists identified estimation formulae for various parts of India with necessary parameters. The paper also effectively gives a quick assessment of the status of hydrological predictions at ungauged sites in India. Few studies focusing on low-flow estimation at ungauged sites have been identified.

This report examines aspects of hydrological and environmental feasibility of interbasin water transfers in India and forms part of the larger research project which deals with multiple aspects of the National River Linking Project. The study uses the water transfer links in and out of the Krishna River Basin as examples.