Due to frequent newspaper reports about violence in Bastar region due to conflicts between leftist extremists and state agencies, there was a palpable fear in the air. Some of the older shodhyatris were deterred by the incidents which happened only a few days before the commencement of the yatra.

Seasonality of vegetables poses problems for both the consumers and the producers. And add to this problem of the changing climate pattern which makes food security or more precisely nutrient security a major concern worldwide. Advanced greenhouse technologies like vertical farming, hydroponics, aeroponics have been devised for the purpose.

Lassiben Somabhai Parmar, an illiterate lady is educated probably much more than those scientists and the extension workers who often advocate only chemical pesticide based solutions disregarding the health of environment, soil, animals, plants, humans etc.

The Seventh Traditional Food Festival reaffirmed the growing demand for traditional food items and organic products: coupled with a sustainable lifestyle. About forty thousand visitors thronged not only around the food counters, but also shopped to see different innovations and gadgets promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone gets inspiration from mother. But here is a story of a young innovator who not only got inspired by his mother but also relieved the pain and suffering of all the mothers of his community. The financial condition of his society has improved a lot due to his innovation, the automatic Asu machine. It has revived the dying silk sari of Pochampalli variety. Innovation rewriting the history.