For sustaining of a WSS over its design period, operation and maintenance cost should be fully recovered from the users. Therefore, willingness to pay and affordability survey of households in small and medium towns is a prerequisite for selection of proper scheme, its implementation and financial sustainability.

In this paper, the economic impact of having a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for medium sized towns (Sivas and Fethiye) in Turkey with the objective of environmental pollution prevention is assessed by taking investment and operation costs, required tariff levels, affordability and willingness to pay of the users into account.

The present study evaluated the options of silt disposal from Beas Satluj Link (BSL) hydroelectric project in Himachal Pradesh in India. BSL project is basically a run of the river power project, envisages diversion of about 4700 MCM per annum of Beas river water into Satlej river falling through an elevation difference at about 320 m.

To study the effects of pollution on road side paddy fields, three paddy fields situated at Kuttikkulam, Elamankulam and Rajathanthirikkulam near National Highway-47 passing through Kanyakumari distri

Physico-chemical analysis of groundwater in Churu block was performed to have a clear picture of water quality so that remedial measures could be worked for. Fluoride higher thatn 2ppm may cause osteoporosis and fluorosis. High nitrate is alarming as it indicates possibility of seepage from sewage.

Sustained supply of safe and potable water is of paramount significance in promotion of health and well being of the people. It is commonly observed that the mechanical components forming part of Flash Mixers, Flocculators and Clarifiers become soon non-functional. There are number of examples where these have served not more than 12 months from the plant commissioning.

Constructed wetlands (CW) are being increasingly used worldwide to treat domestic wastewater by applying various technological designs. The systems are preferentially used due to simple technology in principle, reliable operating conditions and the potential to remove total nitrogen by simultaneous nitrification and denitrification. Oct-Dec 2007