Investigations and experience on truth of natural plant life surrounding us revealed that 1) soil is living, 2) health of cattle influences biodiversity as well as recycling of biomass and 3) quality of water. It is "soul" content of alternate farming.

Homeopathy is not only a human health care system but a whole science benefiting the entire life forms on the planet including the plants and crops. With the surge in demand for chemical residue free food and growing awareness for sustainability of the system various alternative models are being promoted. Homeopathic preparations specially formulated offer supplementary and complimentary solutions for growing nutrient and plant protection needs without affecting and degenerating the resources and environment.

Stagnating yields, negative impact on environment, soil health and farmers' economy were some of the side effects of green revolution and provided fuel to search new and unexploited areas to ensure increased productivity through eco-friendly or evergreen farming.