The Baird government has approved the expansion of the most aggressive coal mine in the Special Areas of Greater Sydney's catchment despite not knowing the compounding impact it will have on water

Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos have been evacuated as a powerful typhoon roars its way across the Philippines.

Plastic pollution threatens to wipe 7.4 per cent off the value of Sydney homes in areas where litter is apparent, a new report shows.

The lights were hardly out in South Australia before politicians and lobby groups were staking out their ground in the argument over climate change and renewable energy.

Johannesburg: The number of elephants in Africa has dropped by 111,000 in 10 years to just 415,000 today.

The US space agency is taking images of the Great Barrier Reef from 8.5 kilometres up in a specially equipped jet to gain a better understanding of what humans are doing to the largest living thing

Adani's Carmichael coal mine has cleared another legal hurdle after the Federal Court threw out a challenge against the project by the Australian Conservation Foundation.

The controversial Ranger uranium mine in the Top End has had its independent government oversight depleted just years before its closure in a move the local Aboriginal organisation describes as "ab

A pollution monitor near some of the state's biggest coal mines has been found to generate wild data swings – even negative ones – despite receiving preliminary approval from the NSW Environment Pr

About 200,000 pine trees will have to be cut down in Kowen Forest, due in part to a "one-in-35-year" storm six months ago.