On a beach in Sydney's Botany Bay, Dave West from the Boomerang Alliance shows the small bits of plastic that get into our food chain.

The future of Australia’s premier science organisation, the CSIRO, has again being placed in doubt by indications that 'doing science for science sake' will not be part of its strategy.

Mohawk the lion, one of Kenya's most famous big cats, was fatally shot on Wednesday by wildlife rangers.

Environmentalists are calling for the NSW government to include coal mining in its "pay to pollute" scheme after analysis revealed the industry was responsible for a significant proportion of the h

New research by UNSW's Climate Change Research Centre reveals the staggering decline of Adelie penguin numbers at Cape Denison in Antarctica, following the grounding of a 97km iceberg in Commonweal

This year has got off to a scorching start, with global temperatures marching to new highs as a giant El Nino rode on the back of creeping climate change, data from Japan and the US show.

The number of bushfires in Australia is on the rise - up 40 per cent since 2007 - local scientists have found.

It's an odd quirk of nature that birds - even chickens - typically lay just one egg a day, and many species rely on all the eggs in the clutch hatching on the same day.

What began as a Dutch teen's high school project could make history, with Boyan Slat's low-cost, innovative Ocean Cleanup project aiming to clear the ocean of millions of tons of plastic.

Ancient alpine ecosystems unique to Tasmania's remote world heritage wilderness, including trees that lived for more than a millennium, have been killed by fires that scientists say are linked to c