Professor Matthew England examines why the recent slew of record-breaking hot weather has climate scientists alarmed.

In a year of startling data pointing to a warming world, the thin blue line in the chart below of Greenland's ice melt was initially dismissed as just too outlandish to be accurate.

We are looking on now as warming oceans stress the world's coral reefs, prompting them to turn white, including our Great Barrier Reef.

The fungus prevents the frogs from maintaining important salt levels, leading to a cardiac arrest.

A Victorian technology company striving to produce more efficient and cheaper solar power has won financial backing from the national renewable energy agency to expand its plans.

On a beach in Sydney's Botany Bay, Dave West from the Boomerang Alliance shows the small bits of plastic that get into our food chain.

Air quality across Australia has deteriorated to alarming levels with the coal industry the nation's worst polluter, new data has shown.

Long-term climate change goals will be missed, and clean energy investment will stagnate, if Australia does not start forcing its dirty coal-fired power plants to close, new analysis has found.

A team of scientists have unveiled a new tree of life, a diagram outlining the evolution of all living things. The researchers found that bacteria make up most of life's branches.

Tigers could soon be making a roaring comeback, according to the latest forecast by experts.