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The Disaster Management Centre said today that over 1200 houses have been damaged by strong winds that hit Vavuniya, Saturday evening.

The Power and Energy Ministry is to use Nuclear and Radio Isotope (NRI) technology for sea water pollution management for the first time as sea water contamination has gone out of control in the se

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) proposed by New Delhi to Colombo for the joint management of resources in the waters between India and Sri Lanka hasn’t found favour with the latter.

A 12-member committee appointed to look into the construction of a controversial roadway from Ilumbakanda to Suriyakanda said to be endangering the the Sinharaja National World Heritage Site (NWHS)

The world’s population will reach the seven billion mark on October 31 and with the increase in population, Sri Lanka too will face a number of challenges, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA

The Government of Japan had agreed to provide a loan of Rs. 9,940 million (Japanese Yen 7,000 million) to implement this project.

Seven new Bills and several new amendments to existing acts were to be brought in order to streamline the health service, according to the Health Ministry sources.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, struggling to regain his status as front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, expressed fresh doubt on Saturday about whether humans are causing climate cha

‘’It was informed that there is a growing demand for electricity in both the public and private sectors in Sri Lanka, as a result of post-war booming economy in all the areas including industrial,