The Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) has sanctioned a sum of Rs 55.86 crore to carry out various developmental activities.

Villagers of Kandwala, a sleepy village near Fazilka, have reason to seek sealing of the food meant for the mid-day meal in their primary school, as the stock has allegedly taken its toll with the dea

Only up to powering light bulbs so far, "salt power' is a tantalising if distant prospect as high oil prices make alternative energy sources look more economical.

Coconut Development Board (CDB) will promote a new technology that controls pests in coconut trees.

Betting big on India's potential to emerge its top five Markets in the world, Cola giant Coca Cola on Monday committed to more

Oil at $100-plus a barrel incentivises search for all kinds of substitutes and/or alternative oil extraction technologies.

A study done by Icra has said that though chemical pesticides have contributed to India's growing food production, they have also paved the way for serious outbreaks of pests and diseases as well as

Many developing countries are currently in the process of designing regulatory systems that should allow them to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for agricultural development.

The Budget provision to cut duty on hybrid cars from 24% to 14% is a step in the right direction to make them more affordable in India, thereby increasing their quicker adoption by people.

World and we are taking steps to make it happen. The Montreal Climate Exchange should be activated this year.