New Delhi: The National Green Tribunal on Monday said the government should look at impounding vehicles which are more than 10 year old.

New Delhi: Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday conferred the Clean City awards on Alappuzha, Panaji and Mysuru at a function here.

The sudden climate change is wreaking havoc all over the world and Antarctica is no exception.

Air pollution is the main cause of premature deaths across the world.

The way climate change and global warming are influencing the world, reports of hotter summers in the years to come doesn't exactly come as a surprise.

We're sure everyone is aware by now, about how the Arctic region and its creatures are suffering the dire consequences of climate change and global warming.

Kolkata: Climate change was probably not the sole cause for the collapse of the Harappan civilisation in the Indus-Ghaggar-Hakra river valleys, say Indian scientists in a breakthrough study, highli

Due to a recent revelation made by scientists from IIT-Kharagpur and Archaeological Survey of India, time has arrived to rewrite history textbooks.

Communities with more fish species are more productive and more resilient to rising temperatures and temperature swings, says a study.

New Delhi: Studies have linked air pollution to significant decrease in life expectancy.