Ground Water Year Book is prepared annually by CGWB depicting changes in ground water regime of the country through different seasons. It is an effort to obtain information on ground water levels through representative sampling. The important attributes of ground water regime monitoring are ground water level.

This report is a compilation of data gathered from Central Ground Water Board and various participating organizations in Punjab to highlight the prevailing status of water quality and identify the challenges along with possible remedial measures.

The report on `Status of Ground Water Quality in Coastal Aquifers of India’ is the outcome of an attempt at compilation and synthesis of available scientific data on the ground water quality in the coastal aquifers of India, generated through years of scientific studies carried out by Central Ground Water Board and many other Central and State A

The report ‘A Concept Note on Geogenic Contamination of Ground Water In India with a Special note on Nitrate’ intends to serve as a national compilation of all relevant information on major geogenic contaminants reported in India.

Sustainable development and management of ground water resources necessitates assessment of availability of ground water, its existing utilisation and balance resources for future utilisation. In India, ground water resources estimation at a Country/ State level is being carried out at periodical intervals.

Studies and investigations taken up by the Central Groundwater Board and other agencies have helped generate a vast amount of data in a comprehensive manner which has been collated to provide a glimpse of ground water scenario of the Himalayan regions.

Decline in water level more than 4 m is mostly prominent in the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Andhra Pradesh according to this report on the ground water level scenario in India (Pre Monsoon 2013)

This table by Central Groundwater Board shows state-wise districts with flluoride and arsenic contaminated groundwater (2013).

This CGWB report presents the over-all scenario of ground water resource utilization and availability of the country.

This document prepared by CGWB consists of standard designs to adopt roof top rainwater harvesting in Delhi.