Consequent to the state cabinet's decision taken on May 18 this year to ban single use plastic in the state, the department of forest, environment & climate change has framed 'Manipur Plastic Policy 2022' and issued notification in this regard on June 20.

This policy aims to lay a framework for harnessing the ubiquitous Solar energy in the State by utilising the empty rooftops of the buildings in the State. This policy is also a mandate and in synergy with to provisions of The Electricity Act, 2003.

An Act to conserve the paddy land and wetland and to restrict the conversion or reclamation thereof in order to promote growth in the agricultural sector in the state of Manipur.

Tourism emerged as the largest global industry of the 20th century and is projected to grow even faster in the 21st century. Manipur has immense possibilities of growth in the tourism sector with vast cultural and religious heritage, varied natural attractions, but a comparatively small role in the national tourism scene.

State Government has initiated a New Land Use Policy (NLUP) for Manipur with the objective of inclusive development through effective land resource development and livelihood of the people. Over the time, shifting or Jhum Cultivation and unregulated land use system has caused much destruction to both forests and productivity of the land.

Climate change may alter eco-system as well as biodiversity of a region in many ways.

The Department of Transport, Govt. of Manipur has published a Draft Transport Policy. This covers the transport related issues, road safety measures, transport network along with: roads, waterways, air connectivity, transport infrastructure (both urban & rural).

The Government of Manipur aims to drive industrial growth by attracting private investments and provide an investment climate with better regulation by removing barriers to competition and growth. The investment climate is central to growth and outcomes for betterment of the society.

The mission of this Policy is not to remedy a panacea but to create a direction that will drive the tourism industry in Manipur and to let the dynamics of the industry to take over thereafter.

The objective of the industrial policy is to create conditions for a rapid industrial development and a conducive investment climate, to develop the state of art technology and infrastructure to ensure planned and accelerated industrial development.