THE Himachal Pradesh government's attitude towards implementing the Catchment Area Treatment (cat) plan has been described as sluggish by environmentalists. The state government has also been accused

Oil lease sale blocked: In a preliminary ruling, a US federal court has recently blocked the US administration's plan to allow oil companies, access to the sensitive wetlands near the vast Teshekpuk

Forest areas continue to decrease though plantations are slowing down the rate of net loss

ITC s CDM project

The invitation was innocuous. The Confederation of Indian Industry cii the grouping of the large and most powerful industries was convening a meet on forests. The purpose, said the invitation which reached us by chance ,

Everybody knows one hand of the government does not know what the other is up to. But it does make a difference when a proposed programme of the government contradicts and, perhaps, even fatally

When the new president of the Confederation of Indian Industry took charge last fortnight, he reportedly made the following observation: While the flow of direct foreign investment is important,

The Bangladesh government is considering reviving a US $70 million biodiversity project in the country. Efforts are on to increase conservation efforts at various places, including Sundarbans, St

How can one conserve a wildlife sanctuary better? By flagrantly trespassing on one part of it. Then picking up the tab for planting trees on another in recompense. This is precisely the logic underlying a petition filed by Essar Oil Limited in the Supreme