The Nyungwe forest of Rwanda is being destroyed due to human activities. The forest along Rwanda's southeastern dis

large-scale reforestation programmes and cultivation of abandoned agricul

That s what a new government project aims to do

in a bid to increase forest cover and

Innovative schemes of sponsored reforestation may help combat global warming

In its search for a strategy for afforestation, a laudable goal in itself, the Madhya Pradesh mp government has once again put its foot in its mouth and buckled down unduly to commercial lobbies.

INDUSTRY SAYS ENVIRONMENTALISTS SAY It'll join national reforestation efforts It is welcome, but should encourage farmers to grow trees on low

The Bugasong Greenbelt Foundation (OGF), a voluntary organisation in the Philippines, has launched an ambitious "Plant for Life- campaign. Launched from the Bugasong town of Antique province on

The salient features of the new government scheme which would allow paper plantations to stay on degraded forests are: • The selection of the project area shall be done jointly by the

Asunati Khonara, 65 of village Prapamunda, a mother of 4, is a Kond adivasi woman. With the establishment of NIPDIT in 1982, she became the animator of the Dadaki Cluster Level Organisation. She has