The first conference of parties for the Convention to Combat Desertification held in Rome took some important decisions to save the parts of the Earth that face increasing desertification. But the larger conflict of interests dominated the proceedings

The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) will introduce a scheme to bring about a common eco-labelling scheme for leather and leather products. At present, many developing

The World Bank pumps in US $1 billion into Asia for environmental purposes every year. In India, the bank has been financing projects to control industrial and vehicular pollution. Maritta R V Bieberstein Koch Weser , the head

The Tamil Nadu government decides to revive its forest cover

The nationwide livestock development project in Nepal which is in its third phase, is slated to receive a boost as the Asian Development Bank recently agreed to provide a loan assisstance from its

Federal funding for scientific researches take a plunge as Republicans plan a cut in the budget

National budget constraints have forced leading donor nations like the us to cut assistance to developing countries down to almost 20 per cent in 1993-94. But Japan, the world's largest donor, has

... when its controversial actions invariably invite flak

The new Inspection Panel, whose first brief is Nepal"s Arun III dam, is most certainly a radical step towards self-examination. It may cure the ills that afflict the World Bank - if it doesn"t itself succumb to the infection first, say the autho