Africa is reeling under a double whammy. As if the erratic weather pattern that has led to a widespread famine was not enough, corruption and mismanagement has compounded the people's misery. Two

The Orissa government makes a move to wrest control of some 2,000 odd non governmental organisations operating in the state

Ram Krushna Patnaik, finance minister of Orissa

Drug firms abandon their case against South Africa over the pricing of AIDS medicines

What was the social yield of the nuclear tests conducted by India? As the sensitive electronic devices measured the output of the blasts, Down To Earth records the reactions of the civil society

The World Bank (WB) is to provide financial assistance to Bangladesh for tackling the growing menace of arsenic poisoning in this tiny southeast Asian nation. A programme is expected to be

The United Nations (UN) Children's Fund (UNICEF) is calling for support for efforts to raise the minimum recruitment age for children in the armed forces. A working group in Geneva is dealing with

According to a report of the UN, the HIV epidemic is far worse than previously thought. The report released by the joint UN programme on HIV/AIDS paints a grim picture of the spread of the HIV

The World Bank (WB) in its 50-year history has supported more than 6,600 development projects worth

Funding and technology cooperation in the past 17 years indicate that research and development (R&D) is becoming increasingly globalised. Foreign funding of industrial R&D in the US increased almost