Orissa government looks for ways to stall beach erosion, does not recognize climate change The rising sea level has alarmed the Orissa government. It has decided to combat it with geo-tubes. Orissa

with the Orissa government going full steam with its industrialization drive, business houses are flexing their muscles

with the first spell of monsoon in mid-June people in Bargarh, Nuapada, Kalahandi and Sambalpur districts in Orissa experienced something they had never seen before: a grayish layer on leaves, vehicles and elsewhere.

When Bijaya Chandra Panda wanted to cut down a few trees on his 8 hectare (ha) plot he thought he was well within his rights to do so. Little did he realize that it would take him 300

Tribals in Orissa's Balangir district say they have been deceived. They allege an Agra-based company has duped them and taken away 200 acres (around 80 hectares) of their fertile land to plant

Pangulu Pahada owes a lot to Ramakanta Pradhan and his 60 students for its existence. The hill would have become a neglected barren mount if the headmaster and his flock from an upper primary school

A canal, which ordinarily takes about 10 days for the irrigation department to clean, was cleaned in two days

as the Simlipal National Park in Orissa's Mayurbhanj district closes during monsoon to protect wildlife, it turns into a graveyard for its human inhabitants, reports an independent working group on

on august 7, 2006, the Orissa state legislative assembly unanimously resolved to oppose the Andhra Pradesh government's decision to dam the Godavari river at Polavaram.

Japan bank sanctions Rs 560 cr loan for Orissa forestry sector