British generosity is at an all time high. The uk is providing us $74 million debt relief to Tanzania. The deal was signed on January 14, 2005, during the visit of uk finance minister Gordon

After 24 years of independent humanitarian work Belgium-based M

India fails to get AIDS aid

Ganga plumbs new depths in its journey through Varanasi

Multilateral donors have warned Bangladesh that they might slash aid or withdraw it altogether from the impoverished country, if it fails to fulfil commitments to control corruption. The adoption of

US, Australia move up in list of benefactor nations

Britain, a leading backer of the g-7 Pilot Programme for the Conservation of the Brazilian Rainforests, will review its

hc cracks whip: Reprimanding the state-level committee over its inability to find zones for stone-crushers, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has ordered the closure of all such units. The owners of

Toeing the US line appears to be an essential prerequisite for receiving aid from it. The Reproductive Health for Refugees Consortium for aids prevention programmes in Africa has learnt this the hard way

Rich nations give from one hand and take away with the other. A report card