International aid agencies and local people do not agree on what tastes like real water

How does the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) manage to insert expensive advertisements in publications like The New York Times, Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times? Does it receive foreign funds?

WITH HUGE reductions in aid already under way and further cuts to follow soon, transfer of resources remains the most contentious issue in international relations, says International Development Research Centre IDRC chief Keith Bezanson. Bezanson spoke

With the aid of small island PV systems, a German-based aid foundation is bringing light in the huts of Ethiopia's rural population. The solar energy is also awakening the energy of the people themselves.

Johan Von Schreeb, a surgeon who has worked for the group Medicins Sans Frontieres, is a public health scholar with the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. His recently published PhD thesis enquired

"Humne khule mein shauch jaane ki pratha chhod di hai (We have stopped defecating in the open)'. Painted against a whitewashed wall of the primary school in Baruki village, Uttar Pradesh's Bijnaur

ADB s priority is business, not helping out

But leather industry may pollute more

Delayed aid: Sri Lanka's tsunami reconstruction work has been delayed by three months due to non-payment of foreign aid. The government announced on February 7, 2005 that donors had finally approved

The Ethiopian economy has received a major boost in the form of debt relief by the Paris Club countries, comprising mainly Western nations, and the African Development Bank. Announcing the