another addition to the list of products harmful to the ozone layer is the Concorde, the supersonic aircraft. Research shows that the trail of invisible fog of sulphuric acid left by a Concorde may

THE US government is planning to discourage overseas governments from requiring airliners to be sprayed with insecticides after arriving at airports. "It needlessly exposes millions of Americans to

* PATENT wars are heating up. British drug manufacturer Glaxo has won one patents case against a Canadian manufacturer, but faces a second against another. Both claim Glaxo's products -- stable and

A US study refutes the notion that airline pilots nearing 60 are more likely to cause accidents than their younger colleagues. The two-year study, which analysed accident data between 1976 and

TEMPTED by projections that the number of air passengers will double in the next 10 years, but daunted by the US $10 billion price tag of a super jumbo jet with a carrying capacity of 800

A US B-52 bomber has been given a new role -launching satellites Recently, a modified B-52 dropped rocket carrying a Brazilian satellite an altitude of about 12.8 km. Five seconds later,

Research in atmospheric sciences is booming because of the impending threat to4he world's climate. Every month there is a new study showing new sources of greenhouse gases rages that are capable of producing global warming or disputing earlier