Canada plans to boost its spending on mapping Arctic energy and mineral resources, in order to encourage development and defend Canadian sovereignty in the far North.

The government will spend C$100 million (US$95 million) over five years, building on a plan earlier this year to spend C$34 million over two years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Tuesday as he prepared to kick off a three-day trip to the region.

The uk plans to claim sovereign rights over a million square kilometres of the remote seabed off Antarctica. The move is believed to be a prelude for seeking exploration rights over potential

Oil lease sale blocked: In a preliminary ruling, a US federal court has recently blocked the US administration's plan to allow oil companies, access to the sensitive wetlands near the vast Teshekpuk

A doomsday vault is being built in the Arctic. Scientists expect the project will safeguard crop diversity in the event of a global catastrophe. Located on the remote Svalbard Island, roughly

The Bush administration has passed a bill that permits oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Rapid industrialisation poses a threat to the Arctic region