Ground water that people consume in Jahada is laden with the toxic metal.
PARASI, NOV 09 - Thirteen new cases of arsenic poisoning have been detected in Nawalparasi district. They are residents of Jahada VDC of the district.

Filter for Family, a non-governmental organisation, found 13 people suffering from arsenic poisoning among 100 people tested in the VDC.

An attempt has been made to estimate the presence of heavy metal Arsenic in groundwater in the state of Tamil Nadu recently. Now-a-days the heavy metal Arsenic poses a health risk problem throughout the world. Arsenic may be found in water which has flowed through arsenic-rich rocks.

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T.V. Sivanandan

T.V. Sivanandan

KIRADALLI TANDA (GULBARGA DISTRICT): Kiradalli Tanda, a small hamlet in a remote corner in Surpur taluk in Gulbarga district, is shunned by people from neighbouring villages owing to the outbreak of a rare form of skin cancer linked to suspected arsenic poisoning.

Malda, May 25: The public health engineering (PHE) department has shut down its two arsenic treatment plants at Mathurapur and Kahala near Manikchak as fish have started dying in the Phulhar river.

The PHE authorities are clueless why the fish are dying in the river.

Ranchi, April 27: The depleting ground water table across the urban landscape of Jharkhand has reached alarming levels, exposing sections of the population to arsenic poisoning and forcing others to contemplate relocating as more and more residential areas slowly turn dry.


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More than 60,000,000 Bangladeshis are drinking water with unsafe concentrations of one or more elements. The aim of this study was to evaluate and improve the drinking water testing and treatment plans for western Bangladesh.