BARASAT: Social workers expressed grave concern over arsenic pollution which has been affecting vegetation in the area.

A water resource centre was inaugurated at Bengal Engineering and Science University (Besu) today to conduct collaborative research on water and environment.

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The state environment department is

Even in low and moderate levels, the element is harmful high inorganic arsenic exposure to diabetes has been established earlier by studies in Bangladesh, Taiwan and Mexico. But the effect of low and moderate levels of arsenic was unknown. A study in the us has found that inorganic arsenic, even at low levels, may cause diabetes. Found in mineral deposits in rocks and soil, arsenic

Arsenic has poisoned a lake in southwest China that was famous for its hot springs, affecting the drinking water of at least 26,000 people, state media said on Friday.

Trucks were carrying 80 tonnes of water each day to affected areas near Yangzonghai lake, in Yunnan province.

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The president, Iajuddin Ahmed, on Monday called upon the world community to work unitedly to face the challenges of global warming and make the planet a place of better living.
He termed the scientists the most important representatives of the mankind and asked them to give suggestions to the world community and make the common masses aware around the globe to protect this planet from the devastation of climate change.

This publication presents the problem of arsenic in groundwater in a manner accessible to a broad and involved public that might not normally have access to scientific literature.

South Asia's well-water is widely polluted with arsenic, but no one has located the source. A study on the Mekong River finds that contamination begins in pond sediments, and is spread by groundwater flow to wells.