Arsenic Poisoning

The Ballia administration isn t combatting local arsenic menace

A briefing paper on "Arsenic Contamination of Ground Water - an exhaustive set of FAQs on key issues, it's causes, spread and technology available to mitigate the effects. Contains an exhaustive database of resource person and institution working in the area.

When Neena Khanna from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences called to tell us that her patient who lives in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh had high levels of arsenic in his blood, hair and

Will the world s only digital arsenic tester prove handy in India?

Bangladesh okays plan to tackle arsenic menace

Bangladesh's national policy on arsenic mitigation is likely to be finalised soon. Officials are deliberating on

The High Court in London confirmed that the British Geological Survey has a reasonable case to answer and that the victims have a realistic prospect of success in their pursuit of claims. The court decided that the litigation raised a novel point in law a

The London High Court judgment on arsenic poisoning cases in Bangladesh explicity clears the way for affected people to claim compensation. Implicity, it raises other issues of far reaching consequence

A recent Nepal Red Cross Society and Environment and Public Health Organisation survey have revealed that the underground water of Rautahat district was contaminated with arsenic. Consequently, the