Radiation from cellular phones is a well-known risk. Now there is another type of pollution from the wireless device which has raised a wave of worry. A study conducted by Inform, an environmental

A recent study of foodstuff from an ex-tin mining area in Bidor, Malaysia, has revealed high levels of potentially toxic

Supercomputers have been used

Scientists in Sweden are propagating laterite treatment for the removal of arsenic from groundwater in the Bengal Delta plains

It was like the loss of innocence, one of the first incidents to open humankind's eye to what industrial pollution can do. One of the earliest tragedies caused by chemical pollution was the

Groundwater contamination in India is verging on disastrous proportions,

For the people of Patancheru and Bollaram in Medak

There are several industrial units in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh (AP) that have directly or indirectly

Adulteration of milk is not a new problem in the town of Bulandshahar in western Uttar Pradesh (UP). However, it is leading to another type of slow poisoning. Local people complain that dairies

The corrupt and inefficient among pollution control authorities have surrendered India s groundwater to unscrupulous industrial units