The government of Bangladesh is soon likely to approve its national policy on combating HIV/AIDS. A core group led by the director general of health services reviewed the draft national

The open water area in Bangladesh is estimated at 4.047 million ha, of which 2.833 million ha are floodplains. The deltaic environment of the nation has contributed much to the inland and marine

Recently, Bangladesh signed four agreements with Vietnam. The accords were on the formation of a joint commission for economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation between the two nations.

A 17-month air analysis in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, which ended recently, has found that lead pollution is the highest in the world here during the low-rain period. The analyis, carried out by

Crabs of Bangladesh may soon play an important role in the nation's economy. According to export promotion bureau officials, crabs are available in plenty, especially in the coastal areas.

With the sighting of an important gasfield in Bhola, in the south islands on the tip of Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh's gas reserves will soon go up 10 per cent from the current reserves of 10,000

Bangladesh wom retain a sluggish annual gross domes product (GDP) rate below five per a unless it improves its pace of refom warns the World Bank (WB). A rece study conducted by WH

The poor man's access to common property resources which is declining due to rapid commercialization, needs to be protected, says a United Nations Development Programme report on Human Development in

A massive sanitation drive is afoot in Bangladesh, says a Panos report. Inspired by the success of joint government and NGO initiatives in Barisal, the target for 1995 is to extend sanitary coverage

SOON after the euphoria of the Green Revolution in India subsided, it became clear that the high-yielding varieties (HYVs) of rice and wheat were not the answer to the problem of foodgrain scarcity.