radioactive wastes: A Pakistani senator recently accused the country's nuclear authorities of dumping radioactive waste near a village in the Punjab province causing cancer, miscarriages, and

controversial bill: A new bill that seeks to set up Sri Lanka's National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol has kicked off a huge controversy. The bill aims at reducing consumption and bans

Polluted fabric: Most textile factories in and around Bangladesh's capital Dhaka do not comply with environmental laws and cause severe pollution, the Bangladesh government's Directorate of

Recurring gas field blowouts in Bangladesh

Bully's immunity: Bangladesh is witnessing a nationwide protest against the government's move to allow blanket immunity to the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The

Dhaka wants to use Indian territory to import power

Neighbourly help: India is assisting Bhutan in 11 new projects under a US

Spain has offered to help develop tourism and fish farming in Bangladesh with the help of its vast experience in the two sectors. The message was recently conveyed to Bangladesh prime minister Begum

The Bangladesh government is considering reviving a US $70 million biodiversity project in the country. Efforts are on to increase conservation efforts at various places, including Sundarbans, St