Bangladesh has a climate change action plan AT A UK-Bangladesh conference in London, Bangladesh launched its Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan in September. The uk agreed to provide

Recently in Dhaka, Dutch ambassador Bea Ten Tusscher suggested that Bangladesh, decidedly to be worst-hit by global-warming-induced sea level rise, could outpace this disaster by trapping the silt three great rivers carry through it to the sea. It is a fascinating idea from the ambassador of a nation actively associated with the development of Bangladesh

bird flu is spreading in Bangladesh despite efforts to control it. By February 19, the H5NI virus outbreaks had been reported in 43 out of 64 districts. The nation's poultry industry, one of the

A food crisis looms large in Bangladesh after two waves of floods and a cyclone. Three natural disasters within four months have ruined the late-monsoon aman paddy, the second major cereal crop in

cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh on the night of November 15, killing thousands of people and severely damaging paddy crops just before harvest, and the Sundarbans. Though the official death toll till

Two waves of big floods have devastated Bangladesh, killing over a thousand people and seriously affecting agriculture, rural industries and infrastructure. Although Bangladesh is spread across the flood plains of the Brahmaputra, the Meghna and the Ganga, floods in succession are unusual, say experts.

Dhaka mulls law for waterbodies and floodplains

Bangladesh s climate change

Bangladesh wants remedy; can India and Nepal pitch in?

The Bangladesh ministry of environment and forests has decided to grant licence to parties interested in setting up private farms for breeding and rearing wildlife species. The recent decision