Devastating earthquakes are waiting to strike India

Fishing has been banned in 28 rivers and canals flowing through the Sunderbans of Bangla

The fish population in the rivers and flood planes of Bangladesh is rapidly falling. Statistics collected by a local district fishery office revealed that the production of fish in the Nawabganj

The deadlock in the construction of Syedabad water treatment plant in Dhaka, the capital

Scientists in Sweden are propagating laterite treatment for the removal of arsenic from groundwater in the Bengal Delta plains

The Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) has served legal notice to the secretaries of energy, mineral resources, environment and other concerned ministries for failing to take

Restrictions on jhum cultivation, large scale immigration and timber smuggling have made Tripura an environmentally poor state

The government of Bangladesh is soon likely to approve its national policy on combating HIV/AIDS. A core group led by the director general of health services reviewed the draft national

The open water area in Bangladesh is estimated at 4.047 million ha, of which 2.833 million ha are floodplains. The deltaic environment of the nation has contributed much to the inland and marine

Recently, Bangladesh signed four agreements with Vietnam. The accords were on the formation of a joint commission for economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation between the two nations.